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Powody banów w menu admina CS:GO

Gry komputerowe

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@ Sign?!


* sourcebans.cfg
* This file contains settings for the SourceBans Source Server Plugin
* @author SteamFriends Development Team
* @version 0.0.0.$Rev: 74 $
* @copyright SteamFriends (www.steamfriends.com)
* @package SourceBans

		// Website address to tell where the player to go for unban, etc
		"Website"			"xxx"

		// Allow or disallow admins access to addban command
		"Addban"			"1"

		// Allow or disallow admins access to unban command
		"Unban"				"1"
        // The Tableprefix you set while installing the webpanel. (default: "sb")
		"DatabasePrefix"	"sb"

		// How many seconds to wait before retrying when a players ban fails to be checked. Min = 15.0 Max = 60.0
		"RetryTime"			"45.0"
		// How often should we process the failed ban queue in minutes
		"ProcessQueueTime"	"5"

		// Should the plugin automaticaly add the server to sourcebans 
		// (servers without -ip being set on startup need this set to 0)
		"AutoAddServer"		"0"

		// Enable backing up config files after getting admins from database (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
		"BackupConfigs"	"1"

		// Enable admin part of the plugin (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
		"EnableAdmins"	"1"
		// Require the admin to login once into website
		"RequireSiteLogin"	"0"

		// This is the ID of this server (Check in the admin panel -> servers to find the ID of this server)
		"ServerID"		"7"

	 * Generic menu options for if a reason isn't supplied in a ban
	 * Without a supplied reason the ban will never be written to the database
		"Hacking"	"Hacking"
		"Obraza"	"Obraza"
		"Trollowanie"	"Trollowanie"
		"Naduzywanie Mikrofonu"	"Naduzywanie Mikrofonu"
		"Obrazliwy nick"	"Obrazliwy nick"
		"Spam na czacie"	"Spam na czacie"
		"Reklama"	"Reklama"
	 * Submenu options for when "Hacking" is selected
	 * If "Hacking" is removed from the menu above this will not be accessable
		"Aimbot"	"Aimbot"
		"Wallhack"	"Wallhack"
		"Spinbot"	"Spinbot"
		"Brak rozrzutu"	"Brak rozrzutu"
		"MultiHack"	"MultiHack"

	 * Available time for bans.
	 * Permanent (0) available only for admins with access for command "sm_unban"
		// "time in minutes"	"display text"

		"0"						"Permanentnie"
		"10"					"10 Minut"
		"30"					"30 Minut"
		"60"					"1 Godzina"
		"240"					"4 Godziny"
		"1440"					"1 Dzien"
		"10080"					"1 Tydzien"

		// Examples:
		// "43200"					"1 Month"
		// "525600"				"1 Year"


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Sprawdź i jak zagra to sobie przetłumacz 🙂


		"Hacking"	"Hacking"
		"Exploit"	"General Exploit of Game/Map/Server"
		"TK"	"Team Killing"
		"TF"	"Team Flashing"
		"CommSpam"	"Spamming Mic/Chat"
		"BadSpray"	"Inappropriate Spray"
		"BadLang"	"Inappropriate Language"
		"BadName"	"Inappropriate Name"
		"IgnoreAdmin"	"Ignoring Admins"
        "Stacking"	"Team Stacking"
		"Own Reason"	"Own Reason"


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